Imagine  you were  Barely Three  years old and you have brothers and sisters
but don't know why you were adopted away from them.   What would you do?
Why not look for your mother and father and ask them?

This  story  has  been  influenced  by  many  other   stories.  Originally by "Mrs
Doubtfire"  in  1993,  and  9  years  later  by "Rabbit-Proof Fence".

Most movie followers understand the Mrs Doubtfire story. For those who don't know about  the  greatest movie to come out of  Australia in  20  years,  please check out the tale of the Stolen Generation of children in "Rabbit-Proof Fence".

It will help you understand the Fruity Tale of the "Nineapple Pineapple and The Bad Threes". It was the assistant to the director  of  "Rabbit-Proof  Fence"  that labelled  this  story a Fruity Tale.
"Infamy! Infamy! They've all got it in for me." screamed Pynoman